Frequently asked questions about NuView Health.

What is NuView health?

  • NuView Health is a transformational industry leader combining data-driven clinical protocols and technology for a more patient-centric approach to healthcare—on-site and via telemedicine.

How does NuView Health deliver value to hospitals?

  • As a NuView Health Hospital Partner, you can be assured that your program’s success is our primary focus.
  • NuView Health maintains an established best practices protocol to help you exceed national benchmarks for patient care including:
    • Improved ICU ALOS.
    • Improved mortality rates.
    • Reduced risk for complications.
    • Increased physician access.
    • Optimized billing and payer support.

Why should a physician join NuView Health?

  • NuView Health physicians are part of a vast network of cross-specialty doctors who primarily focus on patient care.
  • NuView Health provides its physicians with full-service support through our comprehensive on-boarding program, credentialing assistance, medical malpractice insurance, and day-to-day operational support.
  • NuView health also offers our physicians an exceptional compensation and benefits program.
  • Doctors who work with NuView Health enjoy highly flexible schedules and can work as frequently as desired, through flexible on-site and virtual staffing options.

Why choose a NuView Health physician?

  • Every NuView Health physician is fully credentialed with long-term experience in their specialty.
  • Our doctors are all are board certified experts in their disciplines.
  • With NuView Health, you will have better access to your doctor and your hospital stay will be easier to manage.
  • NuView Health may also help you navigate your health insurance questions.

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